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Fluoro-Checker TM TRF

Fluoro-checkerTM TRF Reader is compatible with all Fluoro-check devices and provides quantitative assessment by capturing and analyzing images of lateral-flow immunochromatography. Accurate and reliable rapid diagnosis is possible through highly sensitive image analysis. Operated by user-friendly software and efficient data management platform, Fluoro-CheckerTM TRF Reader will provide a cost-effective Point-Of-Care-Testing solutions for primary screening at emergency rooms, hospitals, labs, and physicians' office.

Main Features:

- Quantitative testing solution
- User friendly software
- Quick and accurate results
- No calibration or maintenance required
- Remote access for repair service
- Touch screen operation
- 10-inch monitor
- Portable
- Real-time display to printer or computer
- Internal and external barcode scanner for device and patient information

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