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Nano-Checker TM 710

Nano-checkerTM 710 analyzes the optical densities of the test line on tested Nano-CheckTM devices and converts them to a concentration value. It is a cost effective point of care testing solution for primary screening at emergency rooms and Physician offices. Nano-checkerTM 710 is operated by user-friendly software that provides a convenient and efficient data management platform to the use.

Main Features:
- Quantitative & Semi-quantitative
- User friendly software
- Quick and accurate results
- Digital imaging system
- Internal validity test
- Touch screen operation
- Bidirectional link to LAB, EDP or LIS system
- Portable
- Real-time display to printer or computer
- Multi analysis Platform

Applicable Tests:

- Cardiovascular Disease Test : Nano-CheckTM AMI 3 in 1, Nano-CheckTM AMI 2 in 1, Nano-CheckTM AMI TnI, Nano-CheckTM NT-proBNP, Nano-CheckTM D-dimer, and Nano-CheckTM hs-CRP
- Inflammation/ Sepsis Test : Nano-CheckTM CRP, Nano-CheckTM PCT
- Drugs/ Nicotine Test : Nano-CheckTM DAT, Nano-CheckTM Nicotine

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