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Lab-On-a-Film-Chip (LOFC)

Nano-Ditech invented a new type of test method and technologies for disposable lab-on-a-film-chip diagnostic device. This new device will provide a platform technology in IVD market. The innovated technologies will be further developed as various kinds of POC diagnostic products through combining other Nano-Ditech’s proprietary technologies or external partnering arrangements. Nano-Ditech is applying these technologies to make diagnostic test kit for Cardiac disease, Saliva Drug of abuse test and other immuno assay requiring for high standardization levels of sensitivity and specificity.

What is Innovation

  • Works by capillary action
  • Precisely defined channels ensure consistent flow rate
  • Flexible channel design
  • Designed for quantitative and qualitative assays
  • High degree of flexibility for assay design
  • Electrochemical or optical detection system
  • Versatile application to diagnostic tests
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